Jiabin Pan

An academic freshmen on the road of study.

About me

Jiabin Pan received bachelor degree in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering from Wuhan Institute of Technology (WIT) in June, 2019. He is currently studying for a master degree in Mechatronics Engineering and Automation, Shanghai University (SHU), Shanghai, China.

His main research is in the fields of robotics and control, including robot kinematics and dynamics, non-linear control system, robotic interaction control, and compliant parallel mechanism.


Wuhan Institute of TechnologySept 2015 – Jun 2019

Bachelor of Mechanical and Electronic EngineeringWuhan

Dissertation title: “Error Modeling and Analysis of Robot Milling Process”

Shanghai UniversitySept 2019 – Jun 2022

Master of Mechatronic Engineering and AutomationShanghai

Thesis: “Research on compliant parallel mechanism for ICF mirror”


  • May 2018 – Apr 2019

    Participated in the postgraduate entrance examination, and was admitted to the School of Mechatronic Engineering and Automation, Shanghai University.

  • Aug 2019 – Sept 2019

    Interned at COBOT Company, a robot machining software was successfully developed on the Linux platform based on the open-source C++ library, RobWork.

  • Sept 2019 – Apr 2020

    Carrying out the research of dual robot calibration methodology, and our paper, entitled:"A Dual Quaternion-Based Approach for Coordinate Calibration of Dual Robots in Collaborative Motion", was accepted for publication by IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters on April 2020.

  • Mar 2020 – Sept 2020

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